Carly Erber's artist portfolio


I want to know everything.
I want to be everything.
I want to experience everything.
I want to explore every medium in every context.
I want to save the world.
Sometimes its paralysing. Sometimes it works.
I like pretty things.
I don't like to reveal myself. That makes it kind of hard to be
an artist. I think it's a cruel joke, to be honest. It took me
8 months to write this bio.
I want to tell you who I am
without telling you too much about myself.
The best ideas have me when I've had too much coffee.
I've had too much coffee today.
I straddle the real-world and the art-world.
I used to think that never fitting into
either was a real disadvantage, but I make it work.
-Carly Erber, 2010