Carly Erber's artist portfolio
Mission Statement

Just got home:

Recently returned home, after a long break from the city of Windsor, I bring with me a new appreciation and fresh perspective on the faded city which I once so desperately wished to leave. As you are probably aware, Windsor suffers a damaged reputation. Once nicknamed “Rose City” and “The automotive capital of Canada”, she is going through an economic transformation, and is currently characterized by such taglines as “most strip clubs per capita” and “the unemployment capital“. The dilapidated appearance of many areas, particularly the downtown core, showcase and reinforce this once-great city`s decrepit reputation.

Ya… so?

I subscribe to the idea that bringing the arts into the downtown core and establishing a strong arts community can help revive Windsor`s appearance and assist in stabilizing its economy. This might sound outlandish, but art has been known to contribute the rejuvenation economically stricken communities, including New York`s Lower East Side and downtown Niagra Falls, Ontario.

The mission:

Equipped with education, art know-how, and new-found passion for this city`s welfare,  my mission is to contribute to the revival of downtown Windsor through the arts– an initiative that is already well underway through the efforts of Broken City Labs, Artcite, The House and many more. I am currently teaming up with a quality optical business downtown (on Park St. W.) called Visions of Canada –establishing myself as the Social Media Coodrinator, Events Coordinator, and Visual Technician in an effort to get involved with the community, support and exhibit the work of local artists,  as well as contribute my art-fixes-cities attitude and experience to a business that I believe in!